India Mission Trip

Dear Family and Friends,

Tom and I are going to India!  Most of you will remember that Tom went with a missions team in January of 2012, well this time we get to go together!  It is such a privilege that we get to travel out and pursue God’s call on our lives together, thanks to my parents who are willing to care for our kids while we are gone:-)  For Tom, traveling to India was a heart changing experience one in which he saw God provide the seemingly impossible, and evidence of God’s hand were apparent throughout the trip.

In December of 2013, we will be traveling to Andrha Pradesh, India to provide ophthalmic and medical services to the under-served in India.  With the aid of New Hope Ministries, a NGO based in India we will provide surgical, medical and refractive eye care to over 5,000 adults and children in just 5 days of clinic.  We are going with a team that has made 6 such trips since 2003.  In the early years they were only able to assist 500 patients, their efforts have since multiplied.  When Tom went in 2012, the team conducted over 4,500 acute and general evaluations, provided 1,400 (new) pairs of glasses, 450 cataract surgeries and distributed a host of opthalmic and oral medications.

This trip, the leadership of our team aims to serve over 5,000 people, distribute medications to 3,000 patients, provide 600 cataract surgeries, and manufacture 1,500 pairs of new glasses.

With a trip of this nature, there are always needs.  We are asking you to join us in this mission if you are so moved.  The first need is prayer.  As this is Anna’s first trip, and we are leaving the kids behind, prayers for our family are appreciated.  Please also pray for the health of the team, logistics for travel, and for the things that God has for us.  

There are also financial needs for us individually and for the team to accomplish the clinics outlined above.  Each team member is responsible for raising support for their portion of the trip.  Our team also needs approximately $26,000 to operate the clinic.  If you would like to give to either of these needs you can gift to us directly or make a donation to the general cost of the mission through this link 
Checks can be made out to Health Bridge Global (please write India in the memo portion of the check) and mailed to: 
PO BOX 5294
Auburn, CA 95604-5294

Thank you!

Tom & Anna

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