Thursday, December 21, 2006

If I Only Had a Brain

Ok so I have always been a bit scattered brained…but man, I tell you it has been way worse since I got pregnant…I thought it would go away after I had Holden but it is still here in full force…Last night after not being able to find my cell phone for 3 days (it was on vibrate) I found it in my diaper bag…only to forget where I placed it an hour later…and today I was trying to go out and get the last of my shopping done, so Pam came down to help with Holden…and she only had limited time…BUT it took me at least 30 minutes to find all my stuff, (after finding one thing and then having to look for something I already had found five minutes earlier) and get out of the house…geesh! Hard to believe I graduated with a Master’s Degree only 4 short years ago! For proof I thought I would throw the picture in below…although who says I didn’t rent the robe and the friends to stage the pics;-P Maybe someday I will get organized!
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