Monday, June 25, 2007

Can I really be turning 30?

Tomorrow is my birthday...Could it really be my 30th? I am not really dreading I have accomplished a lot of what I wished to have done by 30...Unless you count traveling to Europe
:-) Someday...
Anyway, enough of that...Sunday we had a great party, with friends and their kids...LOTS of kiddos...I was a little nervous of this (mostly because we have a good sized back yard for the Burbs, but no play equipment)...but not surprisingly kids are resourceful, so our grass, many oak branches, hammock, and makeshift Rubbermaid sandbox seemed to be enough...many folks stayed a while, which is always fun:-)

Whenever Tom and I throw a party I am always overwhelmed with how many people come...We are so blessed here with our friends and family...I only wish my folks and my brother's family were closer! Who would have thought 5 short years ago we would have so many people to celebrate with! It took us over a year to find our church!

I also had some very special friends drive a good distance to celebrate with us! How loved do I feel?

Here is the cake I made for my party...(Tom did most of the work for the party...including a spring cleaning of our house! Thanks Tom!) I got this pan for Christmas and this is the first time I have used it...Is it obvious sunflowers are my fave?

Someone wrote in my card..."Your 20's brought an MBA, a husband (I will add an amazing one!), an architecture...thing (a degree, and a license oh yeah!), and a kid! Not bad! Here's to your thirties!"

I feel like I am boasting...BUT yeah God is good, and I have been blessed more than I deserve...So...Here's to our thirties Tom!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

That cake is amazing! And yes- I turned 30 this year and it's been my best year yet. You are blessed. Happy Birthday!!


kimcheebasa said...

Thanks for including us in your celebration! You are a lovely's evident that you have a special bond between the three of you. I look forward to times we will share together. I share in your sentiment...God is good! And by the way...kudos to your creative baking abilities (esp. from someone who has trouble making rice crispies)