Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What Happened Dear Friend?

So those of you who know me pretty well know I LOVE (Loved?) The Body Shop...I may have even gifted you with some or one of their items...Several years ago I became an avid supporter of this brand...Although I thought their packaging lacked consistency with the rest of their mission and values, I overlooked that to support the no animal testing, community trade, self esteem, human rights, etc.

Several months ago a friend brought it to my attention that she had heard that L'OREAL had purchased The Body Shop at first I have to be honest and say I didn't think anything of it...I thought for sure my beloved brand would not go back on its promises to us...BUT then I got the email...the one announcing the new line of cellulite and stretch mark fighting products...Why is this so disturbing you ask? Well according to the original founder one of the goals/ideas behind The Body Shop was that their products would never try to change you or your beauty, they were developed to celebrate a natural beauty, one that accepted all our differences and rejoiced in them. One that built up our self esteem not tried to make us feel like if we have wrinkles, stretch marks etc. we are less beautiful as women. Look at the above logo...ACTIVATE SELF ESTEEM...hmmm...I remember having a consultant at my house a few years ago saying these exact things to my guests...hmmm...apparently that is no more...what other beliefs and ideals are they forgoing now that they are owned by the huge conglomerate L'OREAL?

I have also noticed a change in packaging since the purchase, to more flashy, SMALLER bottles and why would a company that touts to be PROTECTING OUR PLANET be making their products in smaller more disposable packaging? Ah you see to get us to spend more money buying said packaging...and filling our landfills with the plastics that are killing us and our planet...I never understood why they didn't have bulk sizes in the first place, or why they didn't offer some sort of recycling program in their stores...

Lest you think I am a crazy crunchy gal, I understand each and every part counts, and that you can not always do everything...I still do own, gasp, plastics, and I am working on trying to make or house as paper and disposable free as possible, but sometimes I give in to convenience, I still in fact do many things I probably shouldn't with regards to the environment. I understand about convenience and I know that in order for green principles to be accepted across the board they must provide a close comparison to the convenience we have come to rely on...BUT please just stick to the principles you formed your company on and don't let your customers down! I also understand that business is business, I guess I just hoped that some companies would stick to their principles before giving in to make a buck...

I must also add that The Body Shop although owned by L'OREAL is still its own entity, and that they claim all products, ingredients and animal testing policies are still the same...I am just saying that some of the new products make me question these claims. I should also add that L'OREAL claims to not participate in animal testing as well...if that is one of your main concerns.

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