Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Apple Hill 2007

Holden watching daddy take pictures...

Fall seems to be officially here! This year we made our annual Apple Hill trip on the early side (usually go in October/November) BUT we wanted to go so we pumpkins yet:( The apples are just starting to come into season so there weren't as many varieties...but the weather was beautiful and of course the pie was great!

At one of the places we stopped they have this tree where you can measure your kids...and a sign which we forgot to put in the picture that says "how tall this fall" Fun stuff...

This pic shows him about 30" I think he's about 31" or so

if you stretch him out:-)

We came home with some Asian Pears, some apples, apple donuts and some cider...YUM! I Love fall! And Apple Hill...might have to make Tom take me again this year!
Here I was being measured...I am almost off the charts! Who knows why I felt the need to make that face!
My view while enjoying my coffee...and of course my pie;-P
What a fun trip! It was especially fun to watch Holden trotting around and he was of course covered in dirt from the first stop! Each time we got in the car we had to wipe him down...He did well on the trip...but was ready to be home when we got here...I think his favorite part was picking up the fallen rotting fruit, "balls" and throwing them...YUCK! Oh well boys will be boys:-)
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Staci said...

That's a gorgeous view that you got to enjoy while driking your coffee!!!