Monday, September 24, 2007

Party Fun!

Saturday Beth hosted a hike and a party to celebrate MJ's Birthday...The kids thoroughly enjoyed the hike...even in the misting rain...Holden loved riding in the pack with dad...and then collecting rocks...MJ showed Holden how to put the rocks in his pocket:-) We had a good turnout even with the rain:-)

Holden loves being outside so much he will get in his stroller many times a day trying to get me to go for yet another walk or just to take him outside to collect acorns (which by the way we have millions of acorns falling from our oaks! It's kind of dangerous to be outside in our yard right now! Luckily none of us have gotten bombed yet, but there have been MANY near misses!)

Grandmere had this kids table set up...AND Holden thought he was such big stuff at it Grandmere let us bring it home for him! Thanks! He loves sitting at it!
Beth made MJ some yummy Bug cakes like the ones I made for Holden's birthday...Look how happy she looks:-)...We forgot to light the candles before singing Happy Birthday so we had to sing it again! We told MJ we sang twice because she was 2...Uh oh, whats going to happen when she is 10!

Unfortunately Holden and I came down with colds on Saturday, and while he is doing fine during the day...nights have been hard on him...poor guy is congested...Mommy too!

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Staci said...

I learned an important lesson about rocks yesterday. Brody has to pick one or two up every time we go outside. Yesterday he decided to throw the rock while we were driving in the car!!! I was so glad it didn't hit a window!!! Top priority now: Teach Brody not to THROW rocks!!! lol