Monday, October 01, 2007

Birthday Weekend Extravaganza!

This weekend we had 5 birthdays to celebrate! It was busy! But man, when you have that much celebrating to do you realize how blessed you really are...
It started on Friday, Tom and I were invited out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate the birthday of a friend of Tom's...We got to try out date night trading with Beth & we owe them:-)
Saturday, after Holden "helped" Tom in the garage and with the evidenced in the photos...we headed up the hill to celebrate with Tom's cousins family the birthdays of their twin boys...we were also celebrating their other son's first birthday, as we missed that celebration earlier in the month! It was fun! I think the kids wore Grandpere out!

Sunday we did church, and then I headed to tea to celebrate my good friend Elise's birthday! What fun! There is nothing like hanging out with a bunch of women friends to put joy in your heart! We laughed so hard we cried! I tell you I was SO blessed by those girls...I love that when women get together you can talk about anything! And I think becoming a mom brings on a whole new slew of subjects...or maybe its just aging! But whatever it was, I want to do that again! Good food, Good conversation, Good friends! Yay!

After the tea we went and celebrated another first birthday of one of Holden's friends...maybe future girlfriend...haha...what do you think Amanda? It was fun! and the dessert was awesome!

Whew! All that babbling! I am tired! Sorry for the random post! I had to fit these pics in with a story:-)

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Amanda Lomonaco said...

We'd love for them to date someday. He's a nice kid so far and comes from a great family. Plus, what a cutie!