Sunday, October 28, 2007

Grand Visit

Last weekend my folks came up from So. Cal. for a visit...It was a rare time where my dad didn't have to go off and do some work so we all got to hang out and visit...Holden really had a good time...and it was fun to watch him play with the can't see it but Holden has Grandpa's cell phone in the above picture...a definite no-no in our house, but grandpa lets all the grand kids play with his phone:-)
Baby wrestling and chasing were the favorite games of the weekend...I'm not sure I have ever seen Holden laugh SO hard! He also was apparently influenced by my mom, because now whenever he plays with his play dough, he says "doggie", as that is what grandma made him with her play dough...and he can't get enough crushed ice...I think that is due to the fact that he is getting new teeth(yes, it never ends) but I had never given it to he goes to the cupboard and gets his cup and then stands under the ice dispenser and says "more"...
Here he is anticipating being chased...most times its the anticipation that is so fun for him...and so fun to watch! In case you can't read it his shirt says I hug trees:-) and it has some feet and hands "hugging" a tree...too cute to pass up!
These are Holden prizes...the orange one was carried and dropped/thrown so much it has already bit the dust...didn't help that some critter(not Holden) took a bite out of it while it was on our porch..
It was such a fun time...

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