Friday, October 12, 2007

Tales from the Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we went pumpkin patching again:-) Got to love fall...This time our mom's group went...we have four moms, and four kids...a totally manageable size for our discussion days and for our outing days...Anyway, we went to Bishop's in a nearby town...It was fun, and such a beautiful day...Above is a picture of the pumpkin patch where we picked our pumpkins, or uh tried to get the kids to pick pumpkins:-)
There were also animals at the farm...Holden loved looking at all the animals...he would go right up to the fence and grab on....unfortunately a couple of animals nibbled on his fingers looking for food...he didn't care when the pigs did it...but when the goat did it he was none to happy...MJ and Z had a great time too...
Here they are on the hayride out to the pumpkin patch...this place also had a train to ride...all kinds of good things:-) Oh and slides!
So in the pumpkin patch...hmm...MJ weeded, and Holden played in the dirt which included testing the mineral content the old fashioned way...yep he ate some...hope this is an organic farm! Only Z actually looked for pumpkins and picked his own...I think it was because his mom told him he could get back on the wagon as soon as they found one:-)
Roaming the patch
MJ and mom enjoying the sunshine, and the ride:-) Really it is a lot of fun to hang out and have fun...I am also really enjoying the discussion groups...the book we are reading is really making me think, and even amongst the chaos of four children, we are getting some good discussion in! Thanks Ladies!
Z and mom enjoying the ride...notice the boys are interested in watching the tractor that is pulling us:-) We got the wagon to ourselves on the ride back!
On the way back Z wanted to sit by cute! look at those awesome curls!
This is the pumpkin Holden, er I mean I picked out...nice and pimply:-) I wanted a green one like last year but then I remembered how last years turned orange BEFORE I am hoping the next patch (yes another one) will have actual Green pumpkins...or maybe white something more interesting than orange...hey I am a designer!

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