Monday, November 05, 2007

15 Months...

Wow! I am behind on blogging! I would love to say I am behind for some meaningful soul searching...But alas, Tom and I have been watching old seasons of 24...YIKES we are that and an annoying Internet connection have been keeping me from blogging...Now on to the stuff you came for:-) BTW Holden pulled the chair up next to him so he could rest his feet on it while he ate...ALL BY HIMSELF...hmmm I think he has been watching daddy a bit too much...LOL
Holden turned 15 months on Oct. 26th...I waited for today's Dr. appointment so the stats would be accurate;-P Here is what 15 months looks like to us:
:Pretty proficient at walking, but as I told the Doc today I wouldn't exactly call what he does to move faster "running":
:32" tall 75%:
:Still string bean at 22lbs 12oz:
:Head average:
:16 teeth, Yikes! Dr. said 8 is average:

:Still refuses to eat meat:
:Still LOVES soybeans and cheese:
:Actually eats fairly healthy if a little picky:
:Officially down to 1 nap usually 2+ hours no matter when he decides he needs it! Today it was 10am...till 12noon when the UPS man rang the bell...and then no more nap:
:Loves to hang out with his "friends" screams in delight when MJ walks into the room:
:Randomly gives hugs and kisses BUT almost never on demand:
:Has so many words I gave up counting, has even started to put two words together, like "Get it", "Get down", "Want it", "Bye, Bye ____"...I think that is it...seems like a new word pops up daily:
:LOVES to read books...always goes to the book basket selects, brings it to the closest reader, and says. "Book, up" and tries to sit in your lap...Will read many books in a if only I could get him to put his books away:
:Loves the slide at the park:
I'm sure there is more...Holden is really such a joy to be around and it is so much fun to be his mom...His smile is always quick and at the ready, and he always wants to hang out with me! I love that! I am so blessed to be his mom, and I thank God everyday that I get to watch him grow and learn...Children really are miracles that God entrusts us with...It's humbling when you witness how much they soak up, and what they learn from watching you. I am hoping that we live out what we tell Holden about God, and that he sees God in our actions and our lives and not just hears it out of our convicting...What does he see as my priority?
If I love it that my son wants to be with me and learn from me, How much more does God want that of His children? How much joy does He get when we come to Him and sit with Him in quiet listening for His voice? hmm...
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Jamie said...

What sweet pictures. I just get the biggest kick out of little boys and there energy!

Staci said...

He's growing so fast!

I love how you related the joy we have with our own children to the joy that God has when we (as his children) spend time with him!