Monday, December 03, 2007


So Holden has been proficient at saying, "mommy" and "daddy" for months now, but he always preferred "mommy". Well now the tide has turned folks...All I hear all day long is "daddy, daddy, daddy" When we pick up the phone its daddy, if someone comes to the door, its daddy when we go outside to rake, it's "daddy's rake"...I tell you its the cutest thing. And when daddy gets home from work its a big smile and "Daddy!"
The best was this Sunday, I couldn't pry Holden away from his books at all! And we needed to head to I told him we needed to see daddy play music...He ran to the car. When we arrived at church and the band was playing Holden pointed and said, "daddy", when I put him down and he found his book(yes we take them everywhere) he picked it up and started walking toward the front saying, "daddy book" I had to stop him before he reached the stage...All through service he was waiting for daddy. Finally at the end I said, go see daddy, and let him go...he trotted up to the stage climbed up and gave Tom a hug! So Cute!

He still likes me don't worry, but we are in daddy time right now...unless of course he's hurting then its mommy all the way...


Staci said...

Brody doesn't even like it when I have work pulled up on my computer b/c he wants to see the pic of "Da-dee" that's on my wallpaper! lol! I'm glad our boys love their daddy!

carolyn said...

Lauren pretended to be her daddy yesterday... She put on his hat and said, "I go work." I love seeing the relationship between kids and their dads! :)