Friday, December 14, 2007

Our Family

As Promised here out the photos Josh took of us at our Christmas shoot....remember we were dealing with losing the light, and crazy kids...But these are my favs...I love the mood of these:-) One of us was running after Holden the whole time:-)
Look how much fun he is having!

I love the angle on this one...don't love the faces...will have to try this one again!
Again I love this angle...
Holden and I have colds right now, hopefully we will be better soon...poor guy has a "big boy" cough:-(


Amy said...

Those are so cute!

carolyn said...

GREAT pictures! Love 'em! Hope you both feel better soon. :(

peaknits said...

I just had to stop over - thank you for commenting on my blog about your Mountain Lion - the post is inspiring a lot of fond memories. Your photos and family are beautiful! Are you the photographer? Great poses!