Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Tante Beth!

Just want to wish Tom's sister a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for being such an amazing sister! When I married Tom I knew I was gaining a family that I would cherish as much as I cherish my own family. But I had no idea what a friend and sister I would be gaining...Beth and I see each other or at least talk everyday, and we have for the past 3 years...CRAZY! Our kids are 10 months apart and act like siblings (sometimes thats a good thing sometimes not so much)...Our kids see each other everyday...

So Happy Birthday Beth...Hope its a great one!

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The Peterson Family said...

Thanks Anna-- I feel so blessed to have you guys so close by-- might have pulled out enough hair to leave a bald spot by now if you weren't there to vent to, laugh with and go on outings with. Love you Beth ( thanks for not mentioning my advanced age ha ha)