Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MJ turns 3!

Today MJ turns 3! It's so hard to believe...Beth likes to plan an outdoor outing ending with dinner or lunch and of course cake...This year I decided to send Tom and Holden on the outing, and join them later for dinner and cake:-) It's amazing what you can get done at home alone!

So off they went, with the fam, up to a ski resort where you can ride the chairs for free...hike around and then come down...according to Holden it was quite fun...thewe are Tom's pictures...so enjoy:-)

Cousin P-Diddy(per MJ) and Grandma Tutu...Holden tells me that he forgot his coat so Tutu lent him hers for the ride on the gondola...(I packed him one not sure what happened to it)...Grandpere and Uncle B...

The birthday girl and Daddy...and a random pine cone:-) Tom was trying out the new telephoto lens I believe:-) who knows I wasn't there...I was having ALONE time...really I was sewing...but you know I was a-l-o-n-e...

I think most of these people were in our group:-)

The birthday girl ready for cake!

Singing Happy Birthday...looks like Holden is ready to blow out the candles...Happy Birthday MJ! We love you!

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