Monday, October 06, 2008

Dallas Girls Weekend

This past weekend I got to fly to Dallas and meet some great friends of mine! Yep I said meet. These ladies are friends I met three years ago on a message board. We now have a private board and we talk about anything and everything pretty much every day! It's crazy that I feel like I know these girls so well and yet until this weekend I had never met them.

Was it wierd you ask? Nope...I mean I totally had that moment on the plane when I asked myself, "what the heck am I doing?" But once I got there and saw the girls it was awesome! This year (the 2nd annual trip, I didn't go last year) the group was myself, Amy, Staci, Jessica, and Laura...We all got to stay at Staci's folks house...they were awesome...

In college I was blessed to have friends who had awesome families, who always welcomed you in like you were a family member from day one...this was like that...Staci's mom made a waffle breakfast for us Saturday morning, and we got to get up at our own pace, and hang out! That seriously is the best thing about girl's weekend!

Amy is a professional photographer, Jessica's sister is one too!, so of course we talked a little camera shop over breakfast...I am so glad Amy was taking pictures too, as I usually forgot, and mine were less than stellar lets just say;-)

We headed out to Dallas Fort Worth Stockyards in the morning...

This horse "smiles" for the camera!

We ate too much food, laughed a lot, and just got to relax and do girly things...This was my longest trip away from Holden, and I missed him...But I was so glad I was able to take this trip...My mom gave me her miles, Tom gave me his time, and Staci's parents gave us hospitality...Isn't it awesome how God goes before you and lays out the perfect plans...I needed this trip, and I needed these friends when I met them...Still do:-)


Jamie said...

Another perfectly written post. You are all such great girls and I hope to join you next year!!!

Amy said...

That was so much fun Anna and I am so glad I got to meet you!! Funny that you questioned what you were doing on the plane. I'm glad you had a great time and of course, your pictures are always awesome!