Thursday, October 30, 2008

Heard in our house recently...

:: When crawling into our bed after nigh nigh time (a first) we asked why he didn't want to sleep in his bed with Corduroy and Buddy...He replied, "They don't talk to me!"::

in case you are wondering we promptly took him back to his bed where he went to sleep:-)

::H: "I have a mustard!"
Me: "What?"
H: "Like Grandpa, I have a mustard"
Me through tears of laughter: "Oh a mustache!"::

::Tante Beth gave Holden a special cellophane pumpkin bag she had...
H: "I want to put poop in it"
Me: What? Why?
H: "It's a special bag like Grandma uses for Brat's poop"
(My mom has a dog Brat...and yes she uses bags to pick up after him...nice)::

::H in response to me walking in the room this morning: "Ooh how pretty you look mommy!"::

Seriously he is SO fun...and the things he says are hilarious! I am soaking up this mommy and me time! There are a ton more...but the stickers have lost their fun so I must go...


Jessica and Jason said...

I love this. :)

Amanda Lomonaco said...

My favorite one is the poop bag!