Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Patch #2 - Animals are fun!

Same patch...different activity...So this patch had a petting area...pretty much like nothing I had ever pay a small fee and they let you in to first a barn, where kids are allowed to go into the stalls with the I am NOT a farmgirl...just never been around that many animals up close and personal so this was a bit strange for me...Holden on the other hand dove right in...He walked into the chicken stall like he owned the place...right up to the chickens...who of course jumped away from him...but he thought it was fun...

We told him the chicken said something and he is repeating it in the shot above...repeating it with gusto I should say...I should also note that we realized during this adventure that one thing lacking since we lost Mocha is we haven't had that much opportunity to teach Holden about being around animals...mainly moving slowly and ALWAYS being gentle...poor guy I think he just got too excited at times, and we had to be right there to remind him gentle...take it easy...but hey he is only two...and he has no fear apparently...

They even had a baby cow to pet...what a sweet thing this cow was...I wanted to take it home :-)

You could sit and hold a bunny and some kittens...Holden said he wanted to hold the bunny, but when it came down to it he was happy to let Tom hold it...he kept trying to feed the kittens straw...when I told him that they didn't want straw...he picked up another piece of straw and said, "here kitty you want some cheese?" too cute!

MJ, now she is gentle...she is the mothering type...takes good care of her babies and loved loving on the animals...she was not happy when the kitten scratched her, and was happy after that to let daddy hold the kitten while she pet it...but she is so cute around little animals, and with her baby dolls...such a mama!

Again, with the gentleness...I had to be right on Holden with the kittens...he was so excited to hold one...I don't think he realized how gentle he was NOT being...But I kept on him, and the kitten was fine...So cute...too bad I'm a dog person, and not a cat one...

On the second floor of the barn they had some baby ducks, and had to be 4 to hold them so the daddies held them while the kids looked...Oh and they had a little mini pedal tractor...Holden was on that thing within seconds of ascending the last step! He loves all things that go!

The ducks were SO cute...again I wanted to take one home...but what the heck do I know about ducks? Love the shot of daddy and MJ holding the duck!

Can't decide whether I like the one with Holden in focus or the duck better...hmm...just not sure:-)

What? Still no pumpkins you say! They are coming trust me!

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