Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Spider and the Ladybug...

Well Holden was a homemade spider for Halloween... a tradition continued although I remember the costumes my mom made me were A LOT more elaborate! Holden costume was almost all stuff we had:-) just modified a little...but he rocked the spider!

MJ was a pretty little ladybug! She got this play outfit for her b-day and has worn it for many a dance session...she was flittering away in the wind this Halloween:-)

As is tradition I invited Beth and MJ over for some photo ops and invited the fam over for dinner...See I am not into trick or treating...we did the trunk or treat thing last weekend...and that was enough for me:-) And I don't really like handing out candy...I think my introvert comes out and I get all shy...wierd...BUT luckily Beth is willing to pass out candy for a dinner:-) It's good our family likes each other!

So we had fun...and then MJ illustrated her Very Grouchy Ladybug impression:-)

They are too cute!

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