Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finished Projects - a thank you

I was asked this year to help with the thank you gifts for our children's ministry helpers. I talked with Liz our director, and we came up with this cute cookie idea for feet...One of our classrooms is trying to look for different ways to "walk out our faith" so we though this was somewhat apropos...

Now mind you I have NEVER done this...but I watch Martha...she always is doing these fun little cookies for showers, and parties...I mean if she can do it I can right? just kidding...really I had been wanting to experiment with royal icing and cookies for a while so I thought why not?

It wasn't too difficult although the icing does take some experimenting...and after seeing the ingredient list for meringue powder, I am interested in searching out a more natural alternative, I don't think you can get past the powdered sugar ingredient:-) Although I did use organic powdered sugar so that's worth something right?

I tried one recipe with lemon was a dud!

Anyways I love how these turned out, and they tasted pretty good too...

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Jo Little said...

Love these... so cute