Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1-2 Week Photo shoot

I decided to take some more studio-y pictures of Daniel today, I had taken some of Holden around this same the same outfit...see below:-)

Daniel is definitely a different kiddo from's hard to remember exact details, but D seems much more intense...and he has a hard time going to sleep...Holden if we were out was usually asleep...he liked to block everything out...Daniel on the other hand takes it all in and then gets overly stimulated and has a hard it's a new adventure:-)

There has been some colic speculation...there have been full days of crying that nothing relieves...not fun...could be normal newbornness...could be something else...I'm just trying to enjoy what I can and get through the rest:-) It's such a short time really...and then I spend a lot of time praising God that I have been so gifted with my two guys:-)

Don't you just want to snuggle little newborns...

Love getting close..LOVE the feet:-)

Everyone keeps asking us if he looks like Holden...well the pictures below are of Holden...there is some resemblance...but they are each their own...:-)

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Staci said...

So cute! I just wanna hold him and kiss his cute little feet!