Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Conversation with Daniel and Miss A

D: "Well Hellooo there...Watch Out! I can't control my hands..."
A: "Don't get too close with that thing!"

D: "Hmm maybe I will taste my hand"
A: "I'm bored"

D: "OK here's the plan..."
A: "No we will go with MY plan"

D: "Folks, I am not sure about this, NOT sure about this..."

A: "Listen up buster!"

D: "ooh now I am getting excited!"
A: "Trust me it will be GOOD"

A: "Ooh I am hungry! Just a little nibble"
D: "Hello mom, can you see this! Get out from behind that camera and SAVE ME!"

D: "Do I like this? Oh no I do not! MOMMY!!!!!"
A: "YUM!"

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