Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Night - Costume #3

Daniel's first costume for him...much like Holden's first...But thanks to grandma, he had Big Brother's shirt and some new socks:-)

MJ and Holden...well they were Dr. and Nurse...Or maybe both Dr.'s it changed all the time so not sure...Grandmere made these outfits...they were prototypes for dress up clothes she was making for MJ's preschool...the kids loved them...Grandmere also got the kids real stethoscopes and she made Holden a Dr. satchel...complete with Dr. H on it!  SO fun!

You must know since MJ was present for Beth's water breaking, and most of her well as a frequent visitor st her sister's side in the NICU...she has had many labors, which Dr. H has assisted...and has had babies in an incubator in the NICU, etc...she is hilarious when she says, "oh my water just broke!  I am having contraptions...out pops the baby!" 

Anyway so the Dr outfits were fitting...Beth and I wanted pics so we forced convinced them to put them on for pictures...the spider and ladybug came out for the candy distribution and their first trick or treating experience....

MJ was showing me how she warms up the stethoscope just like Dr. G (the kids pediatrician)

Checking the heart...Dr. H takes this VERY seriously...sometimes Dr. H is also, Dr. have to be there, and know Holden and MJ to understand this..:-)

See Holden's Dr. Bag?  And look at how cute MJ is wouldn't you trust her as your nurse?  She wouldn't give any nasty shots;-P

There was lots of checking, u/s, and serious conditions in our house that night...

On another note...I was carving the boys were left to finish the pizzas...well make them...I made the dough, they did the rest...Josh took this job VERY seriously...
We have such fun:-)

The kids loved passing out candy...and I think they liked trick or treating...I didn't go...BUT I heard about one house that had a robot...and some other house whose bowl talked to you (the people weren't home) fun!

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