Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The So. Cal Family visits...

This past weekend my mom and dad came up to visit...bringing with them my grandparents and my niece and nephew...It was a short trip so everyone could meet Daniel...They made the 8 hour drive on Friday and headed back on Sunday...It was short but fun!
When Holden was born everyone had to wait until Thanksgiving to meet him...they didn't want to wait that long this time!

Lu just wanted to help, with Daniel with my grandparents, she is a great helper...she was always wanting someone to settle Daniel so she could hold him while he was quiet...she rocked him and sang "rock a bye baby" to him MANY times:-)

My Daddy-O

Even though the pool water was less than 70 degrees and the weather was only about 80, they wanted to go in...once feet were in no further would they go...which is good because no adults wanted to join them!

Flynn and Holden were quite the pair...Flynny wanted to do everything Holden was doing...since their visit Holden wants to do everything I do...hmmm...All the kiddos slept in Holden's room the first night...and the second Lu decided Holden's robot which is LOUD was a bit much for her and opted to stay in my parents room:-)

Everyone got in some Daniel time too...although my dad is a HUGE favorite with the bigger kids...I think because he gives piggy back rides and lets them surf on him, etc...well and he is FUNNY:-)

Apparently (according to the kids)my mom makes the best whatever she is making and my SIL's and mine don't compare...the best pancakes, the best boxed Mac n Cheese...hmmm...Luckily my kids aren't old enough to voice this, but my SIL says she hears ot all the time!

My parents and their grandkids...hmm I think Lu is outnumbered!

It was great to have my grandparents visit...it is hard for them to travel now...I really appreciate my dad bringing them up...These are the only Great grands my kiddos will know and I want them to get some time in with them!

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