Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grandma Comes to visit!

 My mom came to visit this week while Tom was in Vegas for work...thank goodness!  It was fun and the boys, especially Holden LOVE her:-)

The above pic was Holden jumping on Tom when he got back...I heard several times, "when is daddy going to be home I need to play rough!"  My mom and I could only take so much roughness, then we cried "uncle!"  He is SO totally BOY!
My mom and Daniel:-)
While we were waiting for Daniel to be born my mom took on a knitting project I wanted to do but knew I wouldn't get to:-)  This is from Easy Baby knits...I love it!  Here is the finished project...





I am so glad my mom could come up and visit while Tom was gone...I know the boys are going to have so much fun with her as they grow up!  We really are blessed to have such great families, and grandparents who want to pour love into our children!

Just thought I would throw another in of Daniel...he looks tough doesn't he?

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