Thursday, November 19, 2009

Preschool Thanksgiving

 Today was Holden's preschool Thanksgiving party...the boys got top hats, the girls all three of them got pilgrim bonnets:-)
Holden didn't want to wear his, I made him:-)  He looks happy doesn't he?


So here's the story they have turkey on rolls, grapes, corn, and stuffing...I figure fine Holden will eat the corn and grapes, two of his favorite things...he doesn't really eat meat you know...HE ATE THE TURKEY SANDWICH!  didn't touch the corn OR the grapes...I think he ate the stuffing too!  And then wolfed down a pumpkin pie piece...since then he regularly eats sandwiches:-)
The teacher said it usually is the least favored of the parties due to the food...but they had boys asking for more and more and didn't have the usual leftovers!  Maybe its the large amount of boys?


Thanks Catherine for capturing me and my boys:-)


The favored Ms. Danica:-)


Another friend offered to take this photo at the park...knowing I am usually behind the camera:-)
I love preschool!

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