Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Daniel 4 months

My Daniel is 4 months today...WOW  it has gone by fast...He rolls over now...but not a lot...he would much rather sit up than lay, so he is upright a lot not giving a lot of time for rolling...he loves watching Holden do truly is the best entertainment!  The other night Holden was being his regular crazy self and Daniel was belly laughing while watching him:-)  And today I layed Daniel on the floor in Holden's room while I got ready and he was content to watch/listen to Holden go about cleaning his one point I walked in and Holden was making a Daniel sandwich....He was laying on Daniel...and Daniel was smiling, crazy boy!    So I am sure they will be good friends;-P

Daniel loves to grab on to things!  He likes his toys, but especially LOVES grabbing onto his own head and ears, and mommy's neck!  And they all have the scratches to prove it!

Like his brother he is trying to get his first two teeth right now...and for him it means trouble sleeping during the day and night, and fussy times...I have a feeling we will earn every one of Daniel's teeth too! ugh...

I love my boys so much, and have a great time being their mom!  I am enjoying seeing who Daniel is becoming, and waiting to get a good glimpse of his personality...the jury is out on how much he looks like Holden...they have a lot of similarities and just as many's Fun!  I am sure there is more but that is all I have right now...I will update after his appointment next week!

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april said...

Wow 4 months, please tell me it doesn't go by that quickly! He is soooo cute, I can't wait to meet him. 11 weeks to go for us, and you'll be an Auntie to one more. Love and miss you, April