Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Holden at 3 1/2!

As we are getting ready to celebrate Daniel's 6 months...we are also celebrating Holden at 3 1/2 today:-)  He now tells everyone...I am NOT 3 I am three.and.a.half!!!!  That's in between 3 and 4!  He cracks me up!
So 3 1/2 looks like this for Holden:

 ::Has grown 1 inch since his 3rd birthday::

::Still about 30 pounds::

::LOVES preschool although drop off is still tough sometimes and he is still mostly an observer...::

::Has really come a long way in his food eating and sometimes prefers "only meat please"::

::LOVES to help, mommy is learning to let go of this and just let him help...which means letting go of perfection...::

::Is slowly giving up his nap...he naps about 3 times per week::

::FINALLY has gotten control of his L's...I love hearing him say, "Mommy I Love you!"::

::Has started singing songs, real ones and made up ones...so fun!"::

::LOVES LOVES to make Daniel laugh...and can't wait till he can play with him...is so excited to feed him and "help" him sit up:-)::


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