Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Little Koala

This little guy, is my koala, my cuddler...when you pick him up he clings right to you and pulls in close...If you happen to lay with your face within reach he reaches out pinches whatever he gets in his hands (OUCH!), pulls you close and gives you a big open kiss...or tries to EAT you!  I LOVE it!  He loves being worn...and he burrows right in, especially to his mama...

Sleep is still alluding us, its not bad he gets up every 3-5 hours to eat...if he wakes up before 3 hours and we try to calm him, it always requires picking him up.  He is not like his big brother who was happy with a hand on the back and a song...nope, he needs to be held, and burrowed in...I don't mind...I'm soaking it in!

I know one day he won't want to cuddle...but I am not thinking of that right now, now I am snuggling in,even when trying to get stuff done, most times he is in the that I have mastered the back carry I can do laundry, cook, clean, and play with Holden while keeping Daniel happy:-)

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