Monday, February 01, 2010

Verde @ the Home Show

Josh and Verde Creations once again did an exhibit at the Home Show this January.  It came up so fast it felt very whirlwindy...AND I didn't even do anything for it this year!  We went and got in the way helped with set up...It is always fun to watch how it all comes together and to help Beth put the finishing touches on the space...we made a list of supplies for next time, and strategies...a few more times and it will all be streamlined:-)

The space turned out great!  I love the green pops of color amongst the black and white...Once again they also won the top award for exhibitors...

I was in the space as the first few people came through, and heard many great comments that show that Josh is really making a name for himself with memorable designs.  Several people remembered the green wall from last year.  And comments like, "oh these people always have a great space!" must make Josh feel good about all his hard work.  

Hopefully all the positive comments translate into great projects:-)

Josh and Beth both have a great feel for creating landscapes.  Walking through their spaces is always an experience.  The designs are always cohesive and well planned out.  I love being even a small part of these shows...

Can you see Beth and Miss A in there?  Miss A was a big help ;-P

Daniel helped too!

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