Wednesday, March 03, 2010

7 Months

Oh goodness really?  He's 7 months already?  It's going too fast!
He is awesome just like his brother we love him to pieces...Here is what 7 months looks like to us!

::Weighs 19lbs and is 29" tall::
::LOVES to eat solids...I gave him a week off and tried again and it's been a big hit since then!::
::Doesn't like avocado!  That's totally unexpected in this house!::
::LOVES prunes!  Go figure::
::Sits up really well now::
::Stands with a little support::
::His belly laugh is the best cure for Mommy's blues::
::Not even close to sleeping through the night...don't ask::
::Puts ALL things in his mouth::
::Still 2 teeth, same since 4 months...but I can totally see his top one about to break through!::
::Loves the excersaucer and the jumper::

I wonder what the next month will bring!

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