Monday, March 01, 2010

Sugar and Spice...

 I made all my nieces tutus for Christmas:-)  Beth has been wanting to do a photoshoot with the girls in theirs since then...We just got to it!  I LOVE these pictures...Beth likes vintage processing on her photos so that is why most of these are that way..I think it totally works with the tutus...

LOVE baby toes...look how Miss A has grown!
"Woah Tante Anna!  Whatcha doing with that camera!"  Says a shocked Miss A:-)


"Are you sure I am safe up here?"
"You want me to do WHAT?"
Again with the toes...killing me!
Looking for her mama...can't let her get too far away!
Um Where did 4 year old MJ go?  She looks older somehow here!  Maybe it's because I mentioned something about a teenage look, and it made her laugh...
Her dad makes THIS.EXACT.SAME. face!  No joke!
Such a sweet moment...and only her mom and I know it is really about big sis being OBSESSED with toe jam! 
Again with the moody teenage forshadowing!  
So beautiful MJ!
Love this too!
And playing with Holden:-)

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Amanda Lomonaco said...

Beautiful girls, tutus and photos. Love it, Anna.

Did you hear that MJ brought hers into school for sharing with the class.