Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The start of a garden

This past weekend Tom and Josh worked very hard to build me a garden bed:-) I have wanted one since we moved in and I realized one perk to not having too many mature trees...Sun for a garden:-) At our old house we had the beautiful oaks, but that also meant no full sun and VERY little partial sun...

I thought I was getting a "temporary" bed to see how I did with the whole responsibility of gardening...I don't exactly have a green thumb...:-) But as Josh said...once its in you wont change it...they built a much more permanent one...

In the above picture MJ is taking a little break to apply a little sparkly lip gloss...you don't want to be caught gardening without a little sparkle:-) Holden is helping her:-)

The kids "helped" :-)

Like I said they made it more permanent complete with leveling and all...thanks boys! I hope to share some yummy veggies with you later this summer!

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