Monday, May 03, 2010

9 Months

Dear Daniel, you are now nine months, how is it that you have been out of my body and in our lives for the same amount of time that you were growing inside? It seems like you have always been a part of our family, we love you so.

This is what it looks like at 9 months in with you:-)

::Your smile is so infectious, I LOVE it!::

::Love your toes too:-)::

::You decided to crawl the day before you turned nine months, to the stereo of course, after mommy had told you no and removed you from just bolted right back like you had been doing it for months, and you haven't looked back.  You now create much havoc throughout the day and mommy cannot just simply leave you somewhere for a second!::

::Also decided Saturday would be the day you started to say "mama" and mean still comes out a lot but more often you seem to be actually looking for me or talking to say "dada" a lot but not necessarily at daddy...and we are pretty sure your big brother is "baba" to you but the verdict is still out on that one::

::this weekend was big for you as you also decided it was time to start sitting up on your own, including in your crib, I think you greeted daddy at least once in the morning sitting up and playing while waiting for him:-)::

::You pull up on everything, the couch, ALL furniture, mostly mommy...and you fall on everything too:-)  just goes with the mobile have a hard head:-)::

::You only have 4 teeth, BUT as you can see from the pictures, you have more coming in...4 at your brother we are, can't wait for that to be over!::

::Mostly likes to bite mama, BUT when the teeth are really bad will put toys in your, well that's a different story you REALLY like us to feed you::

::You love yourself a mama cuddle::

::You love to be worn...and you especially love "helping" with chores while riding on my back:-)::

::You are definitely a boy, with grunts, squeals, sounds, and general boyishness:-)::

::See that tongue? it's out a were born a bit tongue tied, daddy and I think you are stretching it out so you can talk easier, it hasn't stopped you from eating well obviously:-)::

::Why is it you won't chew on teething rings, BUT you love yourself a good dirty shoe? I have to keep all shoes out of your reach, a hard task now that you are mobile::

::You love to eat, will open your mouth for almost anything...we haven't found much you won't eat, EXCEPT pureed baby food...we have seen you refuse to open for your food, but if it comes off our plate you open wide!::

::Sadly you have been banned from cereal, bananas, and anything dairy, but we won't get into's on my must ask the Dr. list, we will see::

::you LOVE your mama, and mama's don't sleep through the night, and it feels like you might never...but right now I am ok with it...I know this time is passing fast::

::You are an amazing joy, we can't imagine our life without you in it::

::you are definitely our big boy...::

::I am betting Holden is our guitarist and you are our drummer, you love to make sounds hitting objects on each other or just using your hands::

::you are so proud to be crawling and pulling up, you think you are big stuff and your face tells us::

::you adore your BIG brother, you look for him in the morning, you light up when you see him, and quite often he makes you laugh your ridiculous laugh!::

::Holden was born to be your big brother, he adores you, he lives to entertain you and play with you, even in your new mobile state he has been more excited and less, "whats he doing all up in my business?!"::

::Holden allows you to pull his hair, try to remove his eyes, ears and cheeks, all the while laughing hysterically::

::Holden is currently your biggest fan, every accomplishment you make, he cheers you on and brags about you to everyone he's not just "daniel is crawling" it's EVERY move you make and what you do with it:-)::

::As your mom, I pray that this relationship withstands all the years and you will be great friends throughout life::

::I love being a mom to boys, and all that that entails, I am blessed, I thank God for you and our family::

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