Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day Tea (Preschool)

I love Holden's preschool:-) Ms. Wendy is honestly the best! Now I don't have anything to compare it to, BUT I am so glad I applied for a transfer and got him in her class! Thanks Catherine and Susan! Not only is it so fun to have a friend with her son in the class, but it is just such a sweet environment! Ms. Wendy LOVES on these kids big time!

So anyway, they were having a tea in honor of Mother's Day. I didn't know what to expect. Holden has been VERY quiet at all preschool parties, well when it comes to the singing performances. BUT he had been singing part of one of the songs at home so I thought MAYBE??? No he did a couple of hand motions, but no singing oh well...

I got to attend sans Daniel thanks to Tom. It was really fun, Holden was very excited about the day, the lemonade and cookies:-) And the gift...a totally cute BEE card, with a picture of him in a bee hat:-) He informed me he painted it himself. The pics of the gift and the next part are on my phone...haven't downloaded them yet sorry!

So I was prepared for the next part but again I had no idea what to expect. My friend had told me they ask the kids to draw a picture of their mom, and then they ask them why they love their mommy. I had NO idea what Holden would say...could have really been anything...but my sweet boy said, "because she reads me books before bed" He has been requesting me for bed a lot lately, and I love doing I try to get Daniel situated, and then read to Holden...he really draws out bedtime now...and its hard because he wants to talk about what you are reading, but seriously two of his books with discussion can take almost an hour! But how can you say no?

I LOVED the tea! I loved being able to be there without Daniel and to really give Holden the time. It's hard to come by these days and I try to cherish the small amounts of just us time. So thanks Tom for letting me do this. And I am so thankful God knew that Holden would shine in Ms. Wendy's class:-) He is such a lovebug and it's taken ALL year but I think he finally participates in almost the whole class even circle time! Go Holden!

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