Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of Pre-K

So now that Holden is 4 he is in the big kiddo Pre K class...although all I hear about is he wants to go to Kindergarten with MJ!  He says, " Am I going to Kindergarten?"  I say, "No that's next year when you are 5", He says, " BUT I am 4 and MJ is 4"...then I explain he just turned 4 and MJ will be 5 in a couple of months...seriously so often one question turns into 5 million questions!

OK so back to the first day.  So different than last year!  He couldn't wait to go.  At bedtime on Sunday night he said, " I can't wait to go to preschool tomorrow!"  SO cute!  But what wasn't cute that either due to the excitement of school or the fact that there was a mosquito buzzing around his room he didn't go to sleep UNTIL 3AM!  He cried and cried, "I am not tired I don't want to sleep!"  While all of us were exhausted and wanted to sleep.  SO when I woke him for school he was covered in hives and bug bites!  I am guessing from the stress but my oh my it was bad!  I debated not sending him, but he got tears in his eyes when I mentioned that so I calamine lotioned him up and off we went!  He couldn't wait!

Seriously LOVE this wall outside the school...NEED to do a winter photoshoot here!  Here is his first day outfit, it was a little fallish when we woke up so he opted for pants!

Thankfully my friend Catherine always reminds me to get the pictures of me and Holden on days like this:-)

He was READY to go though so he didn't necessarily think he needed this picture!  It was MUCH easier to send him off when he wanted to go and there were no tears!  I knew he would have fun, and I had several meetings that day so it worked out!  Grandmere was at home with Daniel, so I got to be with Holden by myself:-)

We were a little on the late side in the morning so we didn't get this door shot until after, and it was rushed! I didn't want anyone going out the door and running him over:-) The sun is terrible in that spot too! Oh well, LOVE that Ms. Wendy does up the door:-)

LOVE Ms. Wendy!

LOVE this kiddo, he never smiles for the camera anymore it's usually a crazy grin, or just a crazy face!  Here we go one more year until Kindergarten!  It looks likes it's going to be a GREAT year!

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