Monday, September 06, 2010

A Boy and his Dog...

When Holden was born, people told me to give him a special thing to sleep with, so he could sleep anywhere...I tried, he didn't want/need anything to do with it...he really just wanted me. Now Daniel he is a different story. He from day 1 has been OBSESSED with textures, he will rub your shirt, and carry clothes or blankets around. And he love stuffed animals. So for his birthday I got him this BIG dog, I didn't think about it. He needs something soft to sleep with and while it usually doesn't matter what lately he has been wanting this huge dog! What have I started!?! I need to find a small soft cuddly that he loves just as much, but so far he is proving to love big items more than anything, BIG blankets, BIG dogs...I can see we are going to need BIGGER luggage:-)

It is very cute how he loves this dog:-)

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