Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Daniel Time:-)

Holden spent the night Monday night at Grandmere and Grandpere's so it was just Daniel, Tom and I at home.  I missed Holden, but I was glad to have a little time with just Daniel.  For starters we hung out outside watching daddy fix things:-), he loves being outside as much as Holden, and has started handing us his shoes, showing us his feet and heading to the door as soon as the shoes are on.  I went to bible study and when I got home he was asleep for the night.  Tom got to have an evening by himself.  Then in the morning I got to read, play and laugh with just one little guy.  Sometimes its a bit hard because they both want so much attention.

Daniel and I took a walk, snuggled, "chatted", read, and played.  He climbed daddy's ladder, undressed and un-diapered himself.  Have I mentioned HE.NEVER.SITS.DOWN?  Seriously he moves constantly, we call him Daniel the "destroyer".  I LOVE having BOYS!  Sometimes, I just say, "wow!  He's really being a boy."  about both kids.  

And while he slept I made a costume for Holden.  You can never have too much dress up!   When he woke he helped me finish some mending:-)  It was such a fun time, doing stuff I remember doing with just Holden.  I love how my boys play together and being with both of them.  BUT it is fun to have one on one time with them too!

Thank you God for this day!  And thank you that Holden had a great time at the grands, he wants to go back tomorrow...I guess I am not as interesting as them;-P

And Happy Birthday Uncle Josh.  Thanks for letting us share your dessert, and wreak havoc on your house:-)  We love you!

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