Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Me and My Cowboy!

Today I took this cowboy to our weekly music class.  Remember how much Holden LOVED music?  This boy loves it much the same, but with a lot of differences:-)  Like he has a harder time saying goodbye to the instruments, and we started WAY earlier with Holden, so Daniel is not as independent yet in class.  There is A LOT of him sitting on me or in my arms while we participate:-)
Today was the Halloween version of class, so I took my cowboy.  Remember Holden as a cowboy:-)

There was a ladybug in class too!

And Miss A, the ballerina, of course!  How fun that Holden and MJ enjoyed these classes together and now Daniel and Miss A do too!

Watching Miss A, it is hard to get pictures when you are dancing around and have a 20 some odd pound boy in your arms the whole time:-)

So fun, right now he is mostly an observer in class.  BUT when we get home watch out!  He has the rhythm, and he lets it out as soon as he hears ANY music.  I LOVE it!  It is so fun to watch his little face light up and his bum and his belly move:-)  He loves to beat the drums and play on daddy's guitar too!

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Amy said...

We go to Music with Mar.. what class do you go to?