Monday, October 11, 2010

Some Mondays...

 Last Monday I took these...While we were playing, in the space that feels so short between working and bible study.  I love these faces, these personalities and these boys!  I am one blessed mama!

This is Daniel's "rally" hat:-)  Of course after making that comment I had to explain "rally" hat to my 4 year old.  It was kind of difficult, given we haven't really explain sports scoring, etc. yet.  Oh the bliss of a first child, learning everything first, on your own time.  Second children are thrown into a mix, they try to learn it all at once:-)
(The shirt says My Dad Rocks!, not anything else, and his dad does:-))

Funny we don't encourage these, although they seem somewhat unavoidable, but this rubberband gun is so nostalgic for me:-) it's the only one we have so far.  Well that isn't some other toy being made into one:-)

Funny Faces:-)  Love him...

Daniel has very few words, such a contrast from Holden at this age.  At twelve months he had nothing discernible and constant.  Now we have mama, dada, a form of Daniel and Brother, and water.  Last night in the clearest language yet he said "Burger" OY!  Between Holden and Daniel we have a complete meal.  Daniel prefers the meat, Holden the veggies.  Actually Daniel eats most things, veggies, fruit and meat.  Holden is much more rounded these days, but I think it's funny given the choice, he would eat broccoli every. meal. 

And that's all folks!  Welcome to our days:-)

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