Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Polar Express!

Holden's teacher put on a little Polar Express experience in the classroom yesterday, complete with EVERYONE in their PJs, the chairs set up as a train AND hot chocolate to warm up after the ride:-)  SO fun!

At the door Ms. Wendy greeted everyone with their tickets.  Then they were seated on the train.  Holden was SO excited to wear his Superman "suit" as he calls it.

ALL of the kids were excited!  And the moms had to take a MILLION pictures;-)

Ready to have their tickets punched!

Showing me his punched ticket.  This was right before I said, "give me a funny face!"  and got this shot.  Love that boy!

Listening intently as Ms. Wendy reads the story.  Such a fun day!  Preschool is GREAT!

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