Saturday, December 18, 2010

Preschool Christmas Program

 We ALL went to Holden's preschool program this year...Daniel was kind of surprised we got to STAY in the preschool classroom...quite often now when  we drop Holden off Daniel thinks he should stay too...I am sure until he realized I left he would be fine:-)

I was sure Holden would sing this year because he practiced at home:-)

He didn't quite sing but he did do the hand motions and sang SOME of the words:-)

Serious business this bell ringing!

 My friend Catherine caught this SO cute!

This is the part where the little snowman melted in the sun...ALL week I heard about how the different kids melted...I guess this is how Holden melts:-)

He got a little CRAZY with his "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" hand motions:-)  I don't think his neighbor was thrilled about that!

He realized he was supposed to bow...he was a little late, but still SO CUTE!

This is about how family pictures go these days:-)  AT LEAST Holden is the one choking himself and Tom or I are not doing it!  Daniel looks thrilled right?  Our friend and Pastor was making funny faces to get him to smile...I don't think HE or Tom thought he was funny:-)  Sorry Brad.

Pancake and sweets for breakfast after the show...oh yeah and HOT CHOCOLATE of course!

The big man in RED paid a visit too.  Holden was so sad he didn't read them a story.  Apparently that's what Ms. Wendy said would happen.  But most of the kids and parents were DONE with the party and making their exit, so no time for Santa to read.  Holden didn't want to leave until he got a story, but thankfully we convinced him it was OK. I thought for sure it would be just us and Santa and that Holden would MAKE him read...:-)  A fun day and a fun way to start the Holiday Break!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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