Monday, January 03, 2011

Birthday Parties may NEVER be the same...

 Sunday we went to Mr. N's birthday party!  We knew it was a train theme, but the boys were quite surprised to find an ACTUAL train waiting for them when we arrived!  Holden was excited at first and then just as quickly stated, "I'm not going to ride the train"  When handed his "train ticket"  he promptly took it off and went to play with toys. (turns out he thought it was a ROLLER COASTER train like one he has been on before and APPARENTLY doesn't want to go on again!)  Daniel on the OTHER hand, was READY to go ALONE!

the pictures can do most of the talking:-)

the kids had fun having a few rides around the neighborhood, Daniel cried when he had to get off, AND Holden would only go if we went.  Daniel only wanted to go if he could sit on the seat BY HIMSELF, without an adult next to him.  He let us know by screaming if he didn't get his way.  FUN.

He's so cute:-)  HOW can you fault him?

THIS boy is ADORABLE too!  He LOVES having his picture taken, in fact often INSTRUCTS me to take the picture:-)  AND I would be lying if I told you I didn't like his fashion sense:-)  I LOVE the ragamuffin/lumberjack look on him.  He ALWAYS dresses himself, in case you are EVER wondering;-P

They had some sort of train movie on, this is where we found Mr. N and Holden minutes after the train rides:-)
AND what's a party without a piñata and CAKE?  that's what I thought:-)  Oh yeah did I mention the train shaped Jello (which they have never had before), in lots of colors BUT most importantly in Holden's FAVORITE color? BLUE!  Yeah birthday parties may NEVER be the same!

Thanks for letting us party with you!
May your 5th year be a most WONDERFUL one!
Love, the R Family!

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