Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Little Hang out Time:-)

Amazingly I have been blessed with TWO sister in laws, that are WONDERFUL!  One lives far away (BOO!) and one lives close by (YAY!).  Beth who lives locally has become so much more than a friend.  She is a sister, friend, and just what I need when I NEED a girlfriend:-)  Our kids love each other, WELL most of the time!  The big kids (10 months apart) definitely do, it's the little ones (1 week apart AND 18 months old) that aren't sure...I think they like each other, there is just a lot of shrieking whenever they are together!

Not that you care about that info:-)  Anyway, Beth's birthday is ALWAYS the weekend of the let's just say there isn't much time to celebrate it.  AND this year there were other plans, know all the things that rain on our partying parade:-)

SO...Beth and I talked about hanging out at her house yesterday, AND I made a few phone calls, we were able to surprise her with a dinner get together at her house, with NO cooking for her!  What fun!  I was SO glad we could do it, and surprise her!

I caught some of the fun the cousins have hanging out...MJ LOVES to mother Daniel:-)  AND she loves that he likes to rough and tumble as well!

MJ has a science project she is working on so I shot some process pictures for her board:-)  These kiddos are growing up WAY to fast!

SERIOUSLY doesn't it look like they could be twins...SO cute!

UhOh TROUBLE!  She looks SO grown up!  YIKES!

After playing we decided to decorate some cookies...SIDE NOTE:  Beth likes to bake and one thing she likes to do for her birthday is get together and bake something, so since we were surprising her, I figured great I will just call her ahead of time, and find out what she wants to bake and we can do it that afternoon.  She said she wanted the kids to decorate cookies!  Which foiled my plans so I had to make this before our playdate.  It was YUMMY, but not as much fun as baking together!  Oh well that's what you get when you surprise;-)

What a fun day!  And I hope Beth felt loved and celebrated, I know I felt blessed to be with family and celebrate such an amazing person, someone who seeks after God's heart and WILL and always encourages me to do the same!  Can't really ask for much more in a Sister!  Love you BETH!

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