Saturday, April 09, 2011

Easter @ the Preschool

 Yesterday Holden's preschool class had their Easter celebrations, as they kicked off Spring Break!  It started with a family homework assignment to make an Easter hat for the parade...Holden and I headed to the dollar store, and loaded up on Eggs, snakes, flower (blue of course), and bugs...Then we headed home and made this LOVELY creation:-)  

It's extremely hard to get a class picture!  

Then we headed out for the parade through the Kindergarten classes!  What fun!  Everyone was glad to see the kids, and their creations, only a few of the preschoolers were upset that their hats wouldn't stay on!

Someone told Holden his hat was SCARY...He just didn't understand how bugs and snakes could be SCARY:-)

As the kids played inside, some moms "hid" the eggs.  Can you see them all?

Here they are listening to the rules!

And they are off!  I totally thought Holden would be timid...But the promise of candy and eggs prompted him to dive right in!  I think he came home with 6!  His friend Mr. S, collected a few, AND THEN proceeded to give them ALL away!  What a sweet boy!:-)

Daniel didn't know what was going on AND he wasn't too excited about finding eggs...

Happy to be in school, outside, and having a party!  Just Happy!

I took a picture of his bag, because AMAZINGLY he didn't want to keep it!  Just the eggs inside of course!  BUT usually he keeps EVERYTHING!  

What a great start to this SPRING BREAK!  Now 2 weeks off of school!

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