Saturday, June 04, 2011

Just June some ramblings

It's June, yet June has entered with rain, hail, wind, lightening, and THUNDER. I want SUN! Being stuck inside leads to CRAZINESS...some days we stay in our pjs some days we take baths and then hang in our undies (the boys not me:-))  This summer vacation is STRANGE...

Holden has been showing us the CRAB CRAWL, he says someone in preschool showed him, along with the worm he is demonstrating behind Daniel below:-)

This boy is growing up!  He will be TWO in August, AND he decided he was DONE nursing a couple weeks ago.  I am not sure how I feel about that. I am thankful he lead the weaning, but I am sort of sad that part of my life is over, unless of course God has a surprise for us:-)

This was him posing:-)  He is SO cute:-) 

Just some thoughts on this rainy day in JUNE...I want the SUN!  Oh wait did I already say that?  My tomatoes and other veggies want the sun too!

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