Wednesday, July 06, 2011

how does your garden grow?

Mine is actually growing!  Well I should say 2 of mine are, again I am having trouble with the first bed...I think we may have figured it out though, you see, our windows when hit by the sun at a certain angle give off a death ray like stream of heat.  seriously, they have melted TWO bike helmets, and when we eat outside there is ONE seat that no one wants due to the skin burning stream of heat that comes off the window.  SO I thought maybe everything looks fried because of this...enter in my brilliant design of a trellis covered with a bedsheet between the garden and the window...wallah! my zucchini's look like they are coming back to life!  SLOWLY though...we will see, but now we know...

So what am I growing?

Jalapeno peppers...

A bell pepper...

Gypsy Peppers, these are yummy we just sampled some:-)

This is a volunteer Cucumber, from my compost, which apparently isn't getting hot enough...doing a million times better than my store bought cucumber I put in the death ray box.

Various Tomatos, we also have carrots, several volunteer pumpkins (I pulled out at least 20 and let about 4 grow), watermelon, sad zucchini's, and some beans.

Our herbs are doing AMAZING!!!
We are growing:
Bee Balm
Lemon Balm
Pineapple Sage
Cilantro (already gone)
Lime Thyme
Pesto Basil
Stevia (SO good and a little goes a long way!)
Chocolate mint
WOW!  I have a somewhat successful garden for once...maybe my black thumb is turning green.  Now to make it beneficial for us throughout the year:-)
And a note for next year, pick fewer things and plant more plants of each! :-)  If only I lived on a farm:-)

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