Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Got Water?

Everyday afterschool Holden WAITS for Tom to be finished working and go on his run.  This is because he knows when daddy is finished running it's....POOL TIME!  He LOVES to be in the water, and now that he can swim he is jumping in, diving for darts, and swimming all around the pool.  I think he would be in there all day if he didn't have to wait for one of his parents to go in with him!  Daniel loves to be on the step and throw the darts in for his brother.

They LOVE each other:-)

We just heard Daniel say Holden's name correctly today, no more "Hodo":(  Now its "Hoden", so Holden was asking him to say it over and over, AND he wanted me to photograph the moment:-)  It looks like a serious conversation!

Then there is always hugs!

Daniel was pretending they were boats:-)

These chairs are GREAT dry-off/warm up spots:-)  They usually snuggle under their towels for a bit before heading inside for dinner and bedtime...I am so thankful to have a pool, we have used it ALMOST everyday this summer, it has been amazing!  What a great blessing!  AND we get to share it with our friends, our house and pools is often open for guests:-)

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