Sunday, February 05, 2012

Project 365 | Week 5

01.29 FaceTime!

Yesterday morning we got to Face Time with daddy, and tonight the cousins! SO fun to see people when you talk them! Super sweet to see Daddy:-) We miss him!

01.30 Goodbye :(

Today we said goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa, it was a sad day. Shortly after they left both kiddos were sacked out! They had a lot of fun but are definitely worn out!

01.31 Dinner with Friends!

Tonight we went over to our sweet friends house for dinner! I have really been feeling the love of our community in Tom's absence, what a special community we have! So thankful for them!

02.01 Good Morning Daddy!

The boys wanted to send Daddy a good morning hug this morning:-) We settled for a picture:-) So glad we are getting so close to having him home!

02.02 Our Day

Our Days are filled with kisses, parks playdates, oh and muscles:-) Mostly just all kinds of antics, Life is fun with BOYS:-) And THE BEST PART of today was listening to my 5 year old READ HIMSELF his bible! Yes reading it himself with almost no help from me:-):-):-)

02.03 Happy Birthday Tante Beth!

Poor Beth her birthday falls on the same week as the big HomeShow that their company Verde Creations participates in every year, so celebration is ALWAYS delayed. Tonight we celebrated in style with everyone except Tom, Holden and Makenna made an art piece for Beth out of recycled paraphernalia from grandpere's garage! Aside from the metal files, everything in the piece was allowed to remain:-) LOVE the recycled artistry!

02.04 My new Adventure

Well not totally new, but since my last attempt failed I decided to try again, this time with a little education. SO today a friend and I took a composting class throughout the city and I came home with this recycled compost bin, let's hope for some great compost for our sad sad soil here!

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