Sunday, August 19, 2012

Camping Donner Lake | Day THREE

Our LAST day:-(  Again Josh got up early headed to the coffee shop, and came back with COFFEE AND scones!

Beth also made a YUMMY frittata!

This girl, reading the Hardy Boys, barely put her book down:-)  She and Holden are very similar sometimes:-)

Beth and Josh:-)

Whenever we camp with other families, I am always struck with the idea, that WE COULD stay AT THE CAMPSITE ALL day and the kids would be happy, playing, getting dirty, and pretending:-)  It's pretty awesome!

Before packing up we headed out for a little walk around this pond.  The dads and big kids had gone to a Ranger talk the night before, and not only did they learn the difference between squirrels and chipmunks, he talked about watching an Osprey dive bomb fish in this pond.  We were hoping to catch some action.  But nothing happened.

We needed to get a group shot BEFORE we left so...hmmm I always seem to get one of my backside before one works!  Oh well!

Yay!  Thanks for another GREAT trip Beth and Josh and Girls!  I guess summer is OFFICIALLY over!

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