Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Littles | Things I musn't forget!

We have this system, it works really.  Beth watches Daniel with Anya on Mondays, and I watch Anya with Daniel on Wednesdays.  SO on Mondays I get something done, and on Wednesday Beth does:-)  See it works!  Well the littles have really come into their own these days ACTUALLY playing together instead of side by side, it's SUPER cute!  So the other night I got this email from Beth:-) It's too cute not to share:-)

forgot to tell you this funny moment today . .  .
Daniel to Anya:  You wanna play you're the mommy making food and I'm the Daddy working on the computer
Anya:  Ok and heads off to make food
Daniel:  sitting pretending to type
Anya:  I'm making burgers
Daniel:  Tell me when the food is ready!
I see how it is in your house!!

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